New Broad Street Parking

Helpful Information about the New Hampline and Broad Street Parking


From Collins to Tillman:
· Both lanes for bicycles (HAMPLINE) are now located adjacent to the south curb. This means bikes will be crossing the street/intersections going both east and west.

· The green stripes on the pavement signify where bikes and autos intersect (intersections of streets and wide driveways)

· The white stripes create bump-outs to provide a clear view at intersections. These are no parking areas and are subject to receiving tickets/fines by the city.

· The Hampline curves away from the curb at street intersections to improve safety/visability.

· Parking:

o Diagonal parking has been ADDED in front of 3 Angels, Ronin and Creative Production)

o Parallel parking has been expanded on the north side of Broad (note the turn lane for going north on Bingham has been removed).

o Parking for both north and south sides of Broad from Scott to Tillman has been designated.

When will the rest of Broad Avenue be completed? The project is still on schedule but a detailed date has not been confirmed. Best estimates are somewhere from May to August for both Broad “west” and Tillman.

Happy biking!
Pat Brown

Hampline with stripes at Scott Street




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